Studio Perfect has been created by Stef and Jodi to fulfill the wants and needs of their clients. Stef is a highly skilled, professional and creative Photographer. Jodi is an extremely talented and experienced Make-up Artist and Stylist - together they are Studio Perfect.

Studio Perfect has found that there wasn't enough cohesion between the photographer and the stylist at most photo-shoots, and felt it essential to bridge this gap, to offer their clients the best service possible.

Studio Perfect's clients feel that by working as a team, a much more coherent service can be offered that is more efficient, productive and enjoyable.

Together, Stef and Jodi offer the complete package of photography fused with style. They are enthusiastic, driven and passionate about what they do - bouncing off each other to capture the very best of you!

Studio Perfect offers a variety of services including wedding packages, commercial shoots, portrait sessions and much more, please contact us for full details and fees.